Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter so far...

We don't do all that much for Easter.  We talk about what God done for us on the Cross, we spend time with family but it's really just a long bank holiday in our house and a binge on Chocolate, hot cross buns and Simnel cake.
We did spend Good Friday with the in-laws which was lovely.  They played...

We ate fish and chips, went to the park...

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Geometry: Easter Maths

I have been thinking about doing some fun educational activities with the girls based on Easter, when I saw something similar to this based on Tangrams with a twist! 

Instead of 7 pieces there are 9 pieces and instead of making shapes from a square, we will be making ours from eggs and even better we will be making birds out of eggs!

What you will need for this project:
  • Card - cereal box card will do about A5 size
  • A pencil
  • A pair of compasses
  • A protractor
  • Scissors

First I will take you through, step by step, how to make one of these eggs.  The shapes inside out egg shape need to be as accurate as possible to the mm.  Here's the tutorial...

Maths: how to draw a perpendicular line

To draw a perpendicular line at any point on a straight line is easy when you know how and all you will need is a piece of paper, a pencil, a pair of compasses and a ruler.

Here is how it is done in 5 easy steps...

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

DIY teepee and a lot of laughs!

The morning started with thoughts on Easter.  The older girls worked on some French with an Easter Theme, making cards for family while the younger two made puzzles with lolly sticks. 

Harmonie enjoyed counting out the lolly and dolloping on the glue.  We had to leave them to dry and that's when our friends came round...

Monday, 14 April 2014

A free meal and the Geometry of Eggs

I am exhausted!  A mixture of happy but stressed which has simply shattered me out: we recently got some news that has been very stressful and may well indeed mean that we will have to move house. 
I don't want to move. Why? Because: 
  • I like the area
  • I love the house
  • My girls are happy
  • I love the neighbours
  • I can't stand to think of all the stress that comes with moving.
I do have some very special friends who have been so supportive and kind; I want to thank them all for their kind words and knowing that they care, as it has helped me get through today and made it a little easier to keep the day full of cheer for my four girls.
So (changing subject) what have we been up to since Friday?  We had a very lovely weekend... 
Saturday Naomi went swimming as usual but Chiara has decided not to pursue swimming anymore, she has decided that what she really wants to do is Musical Theatre so...  She starts a new course next week.  Her teacher has performed at the West End so I am very excited indeed to see how she does!
Kev went to football in the afternoon so the girls and I just pottered about a bit but we were all happy.  But then there was SUNDAY...

Friday, 11 April 2014

Earth and Eggs

Monday was great, the children loved Science group as well as seeing old friends and meeting new friends.
Tuesday Honi asked if she could make the world out of modelling clay, so that is what she did and she did it for HOURS!
I was very proud of her as she wrote up about each layer that makes up the Earth and tried her very hardest to make sure her hand writing was neat.  While she was writing it she asked me if I did much writing when I was her age... 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Maths: Painting Symmetry

Symmetry is a word that we get from the Greek word symmetria.  The simplest type of Symmetry is Reflection or Mirror.

I think it is maths that can be introduced at a very young age, if done in a fun way.  I think by introducing ideas at a young age, as a game, can build confidence in learning when children are older.   
This activity is fun for ages 2 - 7 as a rough guide.  As I go through this activity with you I will explain how I make this activity can be taken further to understand the maths behind the activity we are doing.
What you will need...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Home Ed Science Club: Volcanoes

Today was science group and I set it up so the experiments took the children through how volcanoes are formed and the science behind them.  This was how it went...

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Independence and Pushchair madness!

Harmonie, my 3 year old, is becoming most insistent on her education.  She is really enjoying learning her colours, numbers and letters.  She is also exploring her art, learning in an autonomous fashion.  Something I am always pleased to hear is her enthusiasm for SCIENCE!

She wanted to do real science Friday and she wants to do it ALL-BY-HERSELF.  I remember a year or so ago her big sister Honi felt the same way so I set her up with the same project: The science behind emulsions.
I think it's the goggles, test tubes and pipettes that makes this such a great science project for very little people eager to do things all by themselves!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What about confidence?

Wow!  How things are getting busy in our house! All four of them are hungry to learn now.  Honi is still very much a free spirit, with a confidence I don't want to shatter but guide.  Sometimes her (what seems like complete) lack of common sense can be frightening but I love how huge her personality is and am filled with wonder at how all that can fit into such a small and very cute little person!
This morning, when I finally managed to get downstairs, I found my youngest two with the train set.  They played with it for hours and every now and then sat quietly and listened.  Honi was counting with her, creating stories, talking about the trains, their colours, designing the track and talking about what went where.  I love how my girls teach each other things without realising in these ways.
When they had finally finished playing trains, I was at the table with the older girls and their books.  Harmonie had a look round and then said: 'I want to paint!'  So she did...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Science: Tectonic plates project

We found this was a fun way to learn a bit about geography, geology and science in a very hands on way! 

What are tectonic plates?

The earths crust, the top layer, is made up of tectonic plates.  There are eight main plates:

  1. Pacific Plate 
  2. North American Plate
  3. Antarctic Plate 
  4. Eurasian Plate 
  5. Australian Plate 
  6. South American Plate
  7. Indian Plate
  8. African Plate 
There are also minor plates too as the whole crust is made up of them. The plates float on the mantle and move as heat rises and falls inside the mantle.  Nearly all volcanoes and earthquakes occur at these plates boundaries.
There are two types of tectonic plates:
  • Oceanic Plates - these plates are under the sea

  • Continental Plates - these make up the land masses that we live on.
There are three main different types of plate boundaries and as I take you through what they are, we will focus on the two types that create volcanoes in this project; I will show you how you can do an experiment that will help you visualise what actually happens...

Monday, 31 March 2014

Mother's Day Bliss...

What a lovely day we all had and it started with a lie-in for me!

My 11:30am what felt like 10:30am lie-in felt like my day was sucked up so quickly.  Half the day was gone but I so must have needed it and I wasn't going to complain.  It did mean that I had to think of something else to do with the day that I had originally planned but that turned out to be the best idea ever...

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Science: Hot water and colder water density experiment: AKA Rising Magma expeirment

I call this the Rising Magma Experiment when I do this with my girls because I like to use this experiment to show children that like hot air rises, hot water rises when surrounded by cold water. Why?  Because hot water is less dense than cold water. I will explain that in more detail at the end of this post.

The experiment itself looks really cool and all the children I do this with say wow!  If you want to try this experiment yourself you will need:

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Mother's Day: What is it all about?

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I have recently read a post called 'A Thought on Mothering Sunday or is it Mothers Day?'  It is a brilliant blog and it made me think about what Mother's Day is really all about. 
I have never really considered why we have Mothering Sunday/Mother's Day before reading Adventures in Homeschooling's blog about it; I have never thought to look back to it's origins!  As Prudence says, it's not about mums really, it's about someone in the catholic church adding another festival  really.  Obviously, the world of business has caught on very quickly indeed to how they can make money from these ancient old traditions .
Oh, then there is the REAL mother's day which is actually later on in the year in May (that usually sits on my birthday like it will this year) but then that is American and again puts so much pressure on us to spend money, money we don't necessarily have; they try and make us believe that money proves love.  It doesn't really though. 
LOVE, in my opinion, shouldn't be about material things.  All the best things in life are free after all - hugs, kisses, being listened to and cared for.  I just want my girls to be happy, but then I want that EVERY day.

Of course, there are the good bits of Mother's day for me:

Thursday, 27 March 2014

What I have missed...

I have missed writing about our home educating adventures recently that is what I have really missed.  I have just been too tired over the last few weeks. 

We have still been very busy despite all that, in fact we have done so much I can't possibly fit it in to tell you all everything but here are a few of the things we really enjoyed...