Friday, 13 April 2012

Dinosaurs, Boa Constrictors and Puddles!

We were going to have a quiet day mostly in today and then this morning a friend of mine posted about another event going on in town.  When we found out what it was, there was no stopping us!

But before we went out today HB and I made biscuits.  Dinosaur ones of course!  HB did enjoy putting her biscuit jigsaw together. Then we set out for the Creepy Crawly creatures in the park event.  A bargain for £3 for all 5 of us!

My lot were particularly fond of the snakes!

This lizard had attitude!  Can't blame him, I don't expect they enjoyed the day as much as the children.

Snake in the hair!

HB is holding a Mexican Black Kingsnake.  This one was so beautiful, they all were but this one was like it was made of metal.

Up close and personal!

Chiara made firm friends with the Boa Constrictor - all three of my big girls want one for their birthday...  Not likely!

Then a wander through the park.  Before the taking of this photo, little H found the biggest puddle she could then jumped in it, then, after taking this picture, she ran to the nearest puddle and fell head first.  She was so wet I ended up popping into the charity shop and buying a new pair of trousers for her.  The sun was shining though, so we're all still smiling: it was another fantastic afternoon out.  What a wonderful week it's been!


  1. i love reptiles!! especially dino's

    1. My girls are now snake mad after that day :) HB is a serious dinosaur fan too, she can't get enough of them!