Saturday, 20 July 2013

An adventurous few days...

Thursday morning we received some feathers in the post from a friend, some very, very pretty ones and the girls were thrilled to see them.  I have a few things I want to do with them but I thought first to enjoy their prettiness.

We did another 5 mile walk Thursday afternoon to the girl's Nan's except this time Kev came with us and it was a little warmer.  I love the hot weather and I am not complaining but... there came a point where I forgot to get in the shade enough and suffered with a bit of heat stroke.  My head was banging until about 1pm the Friday.  The rest of Friday I stayed very conscious of the sun and stayed in the shade where possible.  My head is now ok but I must remember to get a hat  - a friend on Friday, suggested one with a very large brim, I like the idea but I worry about walking down the street and taking peoples eyes out, if you know what I mean) still I might just buy myself one today. 
One thing I did remember this week was NOT to delete the photos I took of the girls with their grandparents at the park this time (I had a super 'Duh' moment last week!)
We went back to the park to play park with the zip slide which very much excited the girls.  And here are a few photos of our day at the park with the Grandparents...
The girls and I did the coke and Mentos experiment  with Grandad and Nana too which added to the excitement and it worked really well. If you follow the link you can see how we did it and why it works.  
Honi was thrilled when she was in her Nanny's back garden and managed to climb and get down from Nanny's tree unaided.  Poor Naomi couldn't and it took Chiara a couple of tries so work it out so Honi was ecstatic to do it easily! 
They did really well and I feel so much better for the longer walks myself.  Kevin took us the more scenic route, through parks etc. - which was a little rougher terrain for Honi and her scooter, still she did it.  I'm trying to think up another long walk to take them on soon, perhaps a nice wander to Great Nanny's there's not much difference in mileage...  We will see.
Friday was interesting because Chiara has asked to study the bible and use it as part of her comprehension studies.  So Friday morning, before we started our day the usual way, we began reading. We only spent 5 minutes or so reading which was enough for the 4 of them.  Followed by 5 minutes of talking about what we had read.  It was a nice start to the day.  Chiara implied she wanted to do more written work on it, she said how she would like to study the psalms.  I will have to be more prepared next time.
The girls wanted to go to the park in the afternoon.  We had nothing else planned so we walked that way when Honi insisted on doing the coke and mentos experiment again.  I said to her how we could try it another day but she insisted: 'I really need to fit in my Science mummy, it's my science!' she insisted until I had to agree.  So off we set with diet coke and mentos mints at the ready. 

Just before we got to the park, Honi and Harmonie were very excited about the fire engines they saw in town.  WOW was the only word heard for at least 30 metres, the quietest walk I've had for ages, albeit only 2 minutes of it tops! Ha!
The experiment work, but not as well; it didn't shot up so high the second (or should I say third) time.  I wondered whether it was to do with the size of the bottle or the temperature of the drink before we begin as this one was much colder than the one on Thursday.  Another thing to experiment with I suppose...

After a quick play at the park we bought what was needed to stock cupboards and a couple of water pistols, just for fun and went home.  How my girls love the water pistols!  I had to try them out, of course and have come to the conclusion that we need to get two more I think... Or maybe three (one for me).

A sad thing happened last night.  Now as you may or may not already know, I am not the biggest fan of the seagulls that live near us - sea gulls are noisy and get quiet vicious when they have their young nearby and they poop and awful lot.   However, last night I felt really sorry for them.  A baby seagull had fallen from the nest and was struggling to fly.  The mum and dad were standing guard but the bird got out to the front. 

Kev and I thought nothing of it, but later on a car turned up, 4 - 5 grown men in it trying to taunt and hurt this baby bird.  I can't believe how heartless people can be sometimes.  When they came back a second time (both times I shouted to them to leave it alone) I went and guided the bird to a (hopefully) safer spot.  I kicked myself that I didn't remind them they were on CCTV. 

The bird was ok, I got there before they seemed to do any real damage to which was a relief.  After I had got the bird to a safer location the seagulls squawks died down and I thought that perhaps it had learnt to fly.  It is still out the back, safe but struggling to take off, it's mum and dad watching eagerly on.  What an eventful evening.

This morning there has already been rain and Kev is working his first Saturday shift in years.  So what will we do with the rest of the day?  I'm not really sure.  Something fun, that's for sure!


  1. Try we use it all the time. They do wordsearches and quizzes on stories from the bible. We also use another one but I can't find it or remember it so I''ll get back to you on that one.
    It's horrible what people do to animals for entertainment. Well done you though a lot of people don't intervene. You never know if the culprits are going to turn on you!

    1. Thank you Bridget, I will do that :)

      It was risky. you're right, and I had thought about how it could go wrong, but I us couldn't leave the poor defenceless thing. <3

    2. Found it you put in It tells all the bible stories in the form of a comic with writing and pictures you colour in. My boys love it as they don't think it's schoolwork!

    3. Brilliant thank you Bridget :) x