Thursday, 25 July 2013

Jellyfish and Bubble Gum Ice-cream!

Yesterday started out like a normal Wednesday.  Actually not quite normal because the girls weren't whinging as much as usual but other than that.  Then I went to have a shower after a hardcore Pilates workout in the heat of the summer I was really looking forward to it.
I turned on the tap and...
I looked out of the window to find water running down the road! My shower, I sighed.  Then I saw some workmen carrying pipes down the road to where they were working on the bus station.
Gutted! I thought but it wasn't long until it was all back on.
So clean and fresh we began our day.  Harmonie was having a super motor mouth day, this frustrated the bigger girls so we took it easy.  Chiara got her Art magazine out in the morning and then worked quietly on a workbook.  Naomi offered to take Harmonie out to play while I helped Honi with her Maths.
It was all going well until Honi got to the point in the book when she had to count in 5s.  This upset her, frustrated her and made her very shouty.  When she is like this it can be very, very draining as all I can do is wait for her to calm down.  When she had calmed I took her outside and said: 'we're going to play a game'.
That's when we found a new and much more exciting way to learn to count up in 5s and she was thrilled because she likes to work on her jumping as she wants to be a free runner. 
Things just got too hot.  So the water pistols came out again and then Honi broke Harmonie's new bike.  Sometimes I just get so frustrating by the amount of things that girl breaks that I snapped at first. Then a neighbour kindly offered to fix it but we needed to look for the bits.  Later I found them and fixed it myself which was a lot of fun I have to say.  So, in a better and calmer mood we made giant bubbles...

They were an awful lot of fun and it worked a so well!  Before we knew it it was 4pm.  We had spent the whole day at home - most of it outside but nonetheless home.  So we made dinner and then set out on our new routine of a walk along the water front. 
Due to the heat and the lovely sunny weather I popped in one of the little shops for ice-cream for the girls.  The Bubblegum one tasted disgusting but Chiara and Naomi liked it.  I managed to get chocolate ice-cream in my hair (I suppose I shouldn't have been so greedy!)  Kev and I had a treat of a coffee.  it's so relaxing at the Water Front and the cool air from the water was appreciated by all.

We spotted Jelly fish today.  we've seen them before and they are very common but still my girls were thrilled.
It is the treat we most look forward to at the moment in these lovely summer months.  I wish they could last forever!

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  1. so amazing,I memorized my childhood that we always made giant bubbles but smaller than your.