Monday, 15 July 2013

Science: Watering the plants...

This is a great way for little people to strengthen their little hands, practising those fine motor skills, while they water your plants in a very novel way.  It turned out to be a great science lesson too...

I was out in thee garden with my smallest who was very squeaky mostly due to this hot weather but also tired out from yesterday's trip to the beach.  This led to me trying to think of ways to entertaining her while keeping her cool. 
I brought the spare washing up bowl that I use for her to play with and a turkey baster (that I also bought for her to play with).  She was getting a little frustrated with it at first and then I looked at the plants and thought to myself: what a great idea.
That is when I showed her how to water the plants and suddenly she was even more determined to work out how to get the water in and back out of the turkey baster.  She had loads of fun and the plants got watered.
  • I talked to her about how plants need water to live otherwise they wilt and die, that they like the sun. 

  • I reminded her of her runner bean plant on the window sill and how big it's roots were. 

  • I also showed her how big her runner beans had grown in the garden now it was in a pot.  She said: 'Wow!  I love it!' in her very cute baby voice. 
  • I talked about how green the leaves were and that they use the sun to make their food - the green that we can see on the plant.  I didn't throw in the photosynthesis word, but I could have.

  • She freaked at the bees so I pointed to the flowers and explained to her that the bees help the plants.  I said how their dinner was in the flower.  I told her about the powdery pollen that is also in the flow that rubs off on them and they take the pollen from one flower to another and that makes seeds, baby plants.  I showed her her runner beans and said they will help make her beans grow because they are seed and then we will be able to eat them.  She liked this idea and forgot about the bees.

All of this is such an important biology lesson and repeating it over and over in a fun way is all they need to remember how it all works.
She loved it and it entertained her for ages, so I thought I'd share the idea about.

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