Saturday, 27 July 2013

Summer walks and splashing in the park!

So all week we have kept up with our evening walks along the Water Front and it has been so lovely.  The last couple of evenings the girls have taken their roller blades and really enjoyed all the space to try out new tricks...


 I love the freedom we have, not worrying about what time the girls are in bed.  Our thinking at the moment is they're too hot to sleep at night and they only mess around in their rooms for hours so we might as well take them for a walk and enjoy some fresh air and the cooler breeze that comes off the water.  They have slept so much better for it too!

Yesterday we met up with some friends at park we've not been to before.  It was a two and a half mile walk so a nice stomp.  It was such  a hot day though that it got a little too much for my head. 
I really, really need to get myself a hat!

We did see loads and loads of gulls fill the sky.  We weren't quite sure why but there were hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands in fact.  I had to take a photo, I couldn't fit them all in but...

It looked immense.  I have read up on it and believe it's to do with a feast of bugs in the air, possibly flying ants but it seems too early in the year for that.  However, I am no bird or insect expert so if you know the reason I would love to hear about it.

The girls had great fun park with their friends...

They played in the paddling pool and got VERY, VERY wet which was all good in the heat of the afternoon!

Harmonie was so happy!  'Swimming Mummy!  Swimming!'  Her face beaming with joy.
We walked all the way home too.  Things got far too hot so I had to buy ice-cream (a great excuse!) There is one good thing about having 4 children, instead of buying individual ice-creams we can buy a pack of 4, 5 or 6 for just a couple of quid! Yesterday the pack had 5 in so I just had to eat the spare one... Well, it would have melted by the time we got home.
After a quick bit of dinner we set out again, the girls with their roller blades and had a lovely coffee at the Coffee shop along the Water Front.  How I truly love these sunny summer days!
Our view while drinking our coffee...  Bliss.



  1. That pool looks very inviting. I always have the extra ice cream in packs to save arguments! That's my excuse anyway!

  2. Was a lovely day. Your evening walks look so nice.

    1. It was lovely to see you as it always is x

      The water front walks are lovely, you'd be welcome to join us with your lovely family one evening if you'd like :)