Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Talking about Buoys and making marshmallows!

So yesterday was mostly wet so we stayed in, apart from popping into town quickly for the shops.  Honi was in a I-feel-like-screaming sort of a day and Harmonie was full of cold and wasn't much quieter.  I just let them play.  They chose to play in the garden in the rain for a while.
When they got back in and lunch was eaten Chiara and Naomi got on with some art and Honi liked the idea too so she drew...
A pink and red dinosaur and a blue elephant! 
Getting the kite made wasn't happening with all of them in the same room so I sent Chiara up with the two little ones to watch a film while I worked with Naomi on her second attempt at making a Sled Kite. 
Everyone was happy!
The sled kite was a much better version of Naomi's first attempt.  She was very careful to make sure all her measurements were right and things were cut out precisely.  I read with her why kites can go wrong and how to fix them and this made her feel better too.
Unfortunately there wasn't enough wind yesterday but it flew a little and she was smiling rather than crying!  Phew!

We walked a different route yesterday, the rain stopped for a couple of hours so we thought we'd stretch our legs.  Kev wanted to see what the docking area in Ipswich was like; it was interesting to see all those boats and thinking how other people live such different lives.  I don't think I could live out at sea forever.  Could you?
Honi got very angry with the wind.  She was so frustrated at one point she screamed at me to help her.  I do not have the sort of powers that start winds to blow or have any affect on the weather in any shape or form.  I do know one thing, if I did have these sort of powers, every day would be sunny and hot and if there was to be rain, it would be at night!
We walked passed some buoys which got the girls thinking. Oh, how the questions flowed: what is inside them? What are they for? Why are they so big?  Kev got them to knock them and they soon realised they were hollow.  It was a rather long conversation so I won't go into it fully but what a fantastic lesson on the go. 
A little further on and we discovered a pair of swans nested away in a corner.  They were not so pleased with us so we left when they hissed.  Still it amused the girls greatly and again more questions flooded out of their mouths.  Most of them answered but I led Chiara to her nature book for the rest.
Today has been very easy going.  It's still raining here so we read a bit more of Iron Man, working from the activity book I bought.  They opted to do some colouring in too and Honi got on with some maths.
All of a sudden, Honi came into the kitchen and said.  Can I make a cake?  We haven't made cake for ages so...
Harmonie helped by eating the cake batter...
What a cheeky little face!
Naomi was a little disgruntled when she learnt that Honi got to make cake so I tried something I'd been meaning to do for a while: Making Marshmallows!  We didn't have enough sugar for the recipe I found so we had to do some maths first.  I tweaked the recipe a little too (I couldn't resist) but it worked out well.  So, a science and maths lesson for the girls - I will definitely be doing it again.  Best of all the marshmallows taste exactly like you would expect!  Nom nom!
By the way, if you were wondering, I will do a recipe and science post on it VERY soon!

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