Wednesday, 21 August 2013

4 leaf clovers and spiders!

After algebra on Monday we went to the park to meet with friends.  Before we bumped into our friends we walked about the park for a bit.  We decided it would be fun the be Thing-Searchers, like in the Pippi Longstocking story - which is our bedtime read at the moment - The girls loved that, they found: feathers, sticks, leaves, 3 four leaf clovers - I kid you not here are the photos to prove it...
And two spiders (yes there are up close shots of them coming up)...

It was lovely seeing friendly faces and that the sun was properly out. I don't think I was the best of company but the girls were very happy when they came home that day.  Harmonie's face got painted again too, by her big sister Naomi this time...
Another butterfly!
We took a late night stroll Monday evening which was lovely.  I feel so much healthier for taking an evening stroll, it's even helped with fighting the bugs. 
The girls love all the lights at the Waterfront now the nights are getting a little darker - I do too.  This evening, we when  we went for our walk, we saw a kingfisher!  I was so gutted that I didn't get a photo in time but I saw where he might just be nesting!  I will keep an eye out from now on!
We found another spider this morning, well yesterday morning by the time I get this posted.  He, or more probably she, was in my watering can and she was oh, so beautiful!
So that is pretty much what we have been up to missing out all the more boring ins and outs.  I hope you all have been having super adventures too!


  1. We love spiders here too and I recently (well not that recently, but I have posted for a little bit) got a couple of photos - we've had some whoppers here too!