Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Egyptians and bugs!

Yesterday was near enough all about Egyptians.  Honi did finish her letter to her penpal too and I have to say it was very neat and very cute and Harmonie did complete another workbook - I can't stop her, not that I'd try, she just demands more and more and more but aside from that from 10am to 5pm was all about Egyptians as that is what my two eldest wanted. 

Honi pulled one of her carrots out for a snack and was very pleased to find this...

She's looking forward to all the rest now. 

I was pleased to see my chilli peppers doing well!

Chiara did some amazing hieroglyphs in draft earlier on in the day which she  planned to do 'properly' today (that didn't happen in the end though I am sad to say).  When lunch was over we read some of the Usbourne Ancient Egypt Sticker Book.  I say we read some when really I mean we read half of it.  Honi could only handle a few pages before she was up and bouncing around, 'bored' apparently.  She did decide to go on to reading eggs however so nothing lost really.
Chiara said to me later that night that she found it amazing that Egyptians were just like us; from what we had studied so far she realised all the things they did that are similar to now, how they thought and felt the same sort of feelings.  I told her how that is true (smiling inside that she got it) and said it is also true of all the eras - I think Chiara has found a love for history, I'm pleased as I love history too, I get lost in it. 

In the end I had to put a stop to reading on account of the fact that tummies were rumbling!  I left the girls to their own devices and, as always, all the resources in the happy learning room.  They got inventing.  I hadn't a clue what they were trying to make, all I knew was there was a lot of sticky tape involved, sticks and string.  I t turns out they were making a simple pulley system to transport things from the ground floor to the second floor.  It is still there and they are hoping to improve on it.


I love when my girls get all creative!

This morning started very differently.  I woke to find the swollen lumps on my head had reduced (YAY) and I felt like a little exercise so went up to do some Pilates and...
Honi was sick everywhere.  Honi was not sick on the easy to clean laminated floor that she was standing near.  No, she was sick on Chiara's Barbie (who was furious with her only for a short time until she saw her sad little sisters face) and Naomi's sewing kit (who was furious and now is only a little disgruntled).  She was also sick down the sofa given to us by my husband's late Nan and the only rug in the whole house!
I got it cleaned up.  I got her cleaned up.  I gave her hugs and she was just pleased she felt better.  She said: I prayed to God that he would make me feel better and he did - I was sick and now I feel like it's all gone.  To be fair she hasn't shown any signs of sickness since, I just hope the rest don't get it.

The smell stayed for a while so I asked my Facebook friends for some tips and ended up getting some bi-carb.  Not sure how well it's worked yet but it is a little better.
So our day has been all over the place but there is always tomorrow for fun and giggles.  I still got to do the rest of the sticker book with the older two and there has been loads of art too.  Now for a bit of cake making with Naomi I think...


  1. Oh dear! Hope the sickness stays off now and she's much better!

    May be worth adding some essential oil to the bicarb in an attempt to get the smell out - but a good air may well help. Leaving the bicarb on the rug overnight and vacuuming up in the morning is worth a try.

    1. Thanks Nikki, Honi is much better and looking forward to being able to eat more tomorrow bless her.

      Thanks for the tip, the smell is better but still needs more work. I will try it over night and see if it helps x