Thursday, 22 August 2013

Electric shocks big and small!

Yesterday was a full day.  Chiara and Naomi started their day with writing a story about a day as an Egyptian child, Harmonie insisted on 'school work' so got out her workbooks - she gets really upset if we don't get the workbooks out at the moment.  Actually, it reminds me of when Chiara was younger, she used to say her favourite game was her gold stars workbooks!  Whatever is fun, that's all that matters when they're little -  Honi even worked happily away at some of her workbooks too.


The girls were all in good moods and wanting to do something, so I thought of something fun we could do, as it was a warm day out we decided to make ice chalk/paint...


Once they'd all got cleaned up we popped out to the shops.  Don't ask me how but the other day Honi lost one of her shoes!  ONE OF HER SHOES! How does one lose a shoe? It was frustrating.  I popped into a charity shop (on account that this is the second pair she's lost this year so far) and found a pair of Crocs in her size for £1!  Bargain.  Sorted.  That little stress was over.  She wasn't keen at first but she loves them now.
Harmonie has been missing her playdough electronics kit recently so I thought I'd pop in to Maplin to get some more LEDs. I reached up to pick up a packet when I got the most tremendous electric shock from the rail it was hanging from.  One of the shop attendants asked (with a wry smile on his face) if I was ok, I didn't mind as I found it quite funny myself, I told him it reminded me of the electric shock I got from an electric wire in France!  We laughed it off and it wasn't too painful. 
All the way through town, for about an hour after my electric shock, Naomi kept touching my arm that had been shocked and gave me more little shocks and herself!  She thought it was hilarious.  This gave Honi and I a great idea so before we got home we mad sure that we bought a lemon!

Near enough as soon as we got home she went on about electrocuting herself.  I got busy packing the shopping away and Honi had run out to play with her friends so when I had finished I got it prepared and bought it out to her.  Of course I discussed with her that it was only a small bit of electricity and normally a shock of electricity would hurt.  She turned to me after listening carefully and said 'like you did in Maplin?' I gasped as I tried not to laugh and said yes or worse so be careful.

If you want to try this out check out my post:  Electric shocks.  When we were out for our walk this evening Honi and I got talking.  She spoke about not really doing much 'school work apart from science.  I told her she done loads of science though and then I said: you know the metal we put into the lemon battery?
She said: yes.
I said: they're called the electrodes.
She said: wow.
I said: the acidity in the lemon is the electrolyte.
She said: that's really cool.

I love how much that little girl. 

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