Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas is coming...

We are all getting ready for Christmas in our house now and the excitement is building up! 
I love this time of year, I do not like the coldness particularly but my children have taught me so much about enjoying all the little things, they have taught me that the little things are in fact the really big important things in life.
I do love getting ready for Christmas each year.  Making all those handmade gifts, making all those decorations for the tree and around the house and all that Christmas baking. I love the way it makes the house smell and all the memories we are building up on our Christmas tree.

Wednesday I made Christmas cake!  I was pleased that our oven held out, it's on its last legs at the moment.  Normally I'd have the cake made earlier but we've been busier than ever!
On Thursday Harmonie baked some biscuits...

Then, in the evening, wanted to try out a bit of sewing so I bought her a mini kit (simply because it had a plastic needle in...

She loved it!

We also put up the Christmas tree but needed to search for the box of decorations.  We left the tree bare ready for the next evening.

Friday morning Honi wasn't in the mood for much.  She decided that what she really wanted to do was to make mini Christmas cakes. 

Harmonie got jealous so Harmonie made Christmas shaped cheese biscuits for lunch.  She loved that very much.  

I was impressed with how independently they worked.  Harmonie only needed help with squishing it into a ball and rolling it out. Honi just needed help measuring it all out!
The Christmas tree stayed bare for the whole of Friday and we decided to decorate with their Dad this year. 
This morning we found that the dinosaurs had made a start on it last night...

It was the last day of Dinovember.  What a brilliant idea to do it for a whole month.  Exhausting though... 

There were mornings I woke up, fortunately before Honi, realising that after falling asleep on the sofa I had forgotten to set them out so jumped out of bed to set the scene.

There were earlier hours of the morning,  2am-3am, when I was working to get them just right.  Every day was worth it.  The joy it has given my Honi!  She loved it.  She is a little worried that it will be over from now on but I have an idea...
You will all have to wait and see!

Oh! And we got the tree decorated this evening while listen to Christmas tunes.  They were all rather excited, as was I! 

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