Friday, 17 January 2014

Birthday Business...

We had such a wonderful day celebrating my Naomi's birthday yesterday I didn't even get time to blog about it!  So here is how it all went...
Her first wish of the day was not to be woken up!  How I love my Naomi!  The morning was very relaxed and easy going just as she is. 
Harmonie didn't find time to write in her sister's card the night before (I was a little bit rubbish with birthday shopping this time round), so while Naomi was busy chilling in front of the television, Harmonie got scribbling.

At the moment, whenever we doing writing with Harmonie I draw her dots and she traces over them.  She has always preferred this way, previously asked me to do this. 
She then drew a picture of Naomi.  As she drew the smile her hand accidently slipped making a worried looking face.  Harmonie looked at it and then said: 'oh, dear!  Naomi looks terrible! She has lost a toy.' and then shaking her head sadly she started on the hair.
I love that she didn't see what she had drawn as wrong; I love that she saw her drawing as telling a story. 
How I wanted to rave and rant and praise her to the hilt I was so proud.  Instead I talked to her about the missing toy which Harmonie loved doing and took a picture to remember what she had done.
When she got to the point of writing Naomi's Name on the envelope, I offered to do dots for her again but this time she refused.  This time she was adamant that she didn't need it.  I thought, fine, it doesn't matter we know who it's for.  I then gave her the envelope and she wrote...

Naomi.  Not a bad attempt I thought!
Before we knew it there was a knock at the door...

It was the girls' Grandad and Nanna.  How excited the girls were.  Naomi opened all her presents and cards once they had arrived, there were so many lovely treats for her.
The amount of time and effort her sisters put into her birthday cards and presents made my heart melt.  The biggest wish I had as a mother was for my children to be close, I can't tell you how blessed I felt to witness such love between them.  

Once they had gone, we fulfilled Naomi's next wish...  SWIMMING! 
I nearly went in with Chiara and Naomi, I wish I had now but I wasn't sure if I could take bother under eights in with me at the same time before we got there and didn't fancy witnessing a melt down as one of the four missed out.
Unfortunately Naomi hurt her foot in the water, just after an hour or so of swimming.  She limped all the way home.  In fact she's been limping all day.  I was sad to see her cry on her birthday.  She still wanted to go to Snakes and Ladders to see her friends the next day though! 
When we were home it was time for cake.  WHAT A CAKE IT WAS!  Naomi chose Indian takeaway for her dinner as well - her final birthday wish - she wanted to eat when her little sisters were in bed.  She loved exploring all the new flavours.  Chiara said she preferred Chinese but liked the tikka masala.
Such a lovely day apart from the foot injury that is.  Well there was one last birthday wish she had, I couldn't fit that in on her birthday and that was going to our indoor play centre with as many of her friends as possible!  So that we left for today...
Today being FRIDAY...
This morning Honi tried very hard to finish off her letter to her pen pal.  She was just in one of those moods today, too excited knowing that she was going to Snakes and Ladders (our local soft play area).  She did have some time playing with the electronics kit again, of course there is always time for a bit of science. 

It was so, so lovely to see so many of our friends there today.  Naomi was beaming my girls' faces shining.  We rarely go to Snakes and Ladders these days on account that having four children as it makes going VERY expensive.  It is most certainly a treat and that is why they love it all the more I think  - it was even more exciting having so many friends there at one time!

When we got home I made a pasta bake which gave me an hour to play with the girls.  Chiara chose to make some lip gloss - a birthday present she received from some friends of ours - so she didn't really need me much.  She really enjoyed mixing up the ingredients to get the colours she wanted though. 

Naomi went off to play with her Lego and Honi was (yes, you guessed it) back playing with the electronics kit again!

Little Harmonie was left with no one to play with. She was too tired out from playing at Snakes and Ladders to want to play by herself so I found a make your own bracelet set that I helped her to make. It was really nice to do something with her without the others needing me every two minutes.
So that has been our last 2 days.  Now for the weekend!  I don't think we have much planned so who knows what will happen!


  1. Happy Birthday Naomi!! Looks like a grand time was had by all. x

  2. Say a big Happy Birthday to her from us. The cake looks delicious. I am sorry to hear about the foot injury but I imagine that all the lovely new gifts took her mind off it.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. The foot injury is improving with a bit of rest. She didn't complain for long. She loved that you said Happy birthday :D x