Monday, 27 January 2014

Flapjacks for science and Mathsticks for Maths!

Today is Monday and what a lovely Monday it has been.  Honi nearly had a meltdown this morning but managed to contain herself, so it was a huge surprise to find that, even before I had even come down the stairs, she had all the workbooks she wanted to have a go there in front of her waiting!
She was whizzing through it all happily when we got to reversible and irreversible changes and liquids, solids and gases so of course that meant that we had no choice but to make...
Flap Jacks!
They were slightly burnt around the edges but still good enough to eat!
She loved and we did mini experiments in between to help her understand how some things are reversible.  The best bit about it was when Harmonie came into the kitchen as she too wanted to join in and do some science.

She begged not to have to do her maths, which confused me slightly as she loves her maths nearly as much as science.  I asked her why and she said that she just couldn't do it, it was too hard!  I took a look and saw that it was a page on division.  I asked her to fetch me some beads  and she said...
'No.  But I'll do it with matches!'
I had a big box of them ready for other projects so I agreed and then she happily and independently finished the whole page! 
At the moment, as my regular readers will know, we are covering ancient history and at the moment we are covering Ancient Greece.  I find it such a fascinating subject, history itself.   I am reading Kings and Things, A book on English History to Honi at bedtime and it's so much more exciting when you know it's really happened.  But still, all those Greek Myths capture you no less. 

We are working through a Ancient Greece workbook but in between adding bits to our own History scrap book and reading through books that link in with what we are doing and all of us are loving it that way so much.  I am learning nearly as much as they are!
When we finished our history the older two girls, 11 and 9, asked if there was anything else they needed to do. 
My 11 year old was thrilled when I told her they were done: desperate to get on with her computer programming.  It was different for my 9 year old, she asked what was next for our Art history project.
Starry Night I told her then showed her a picture of Van Gogh's Starry night on my iPad.  She loved it so much she just couldn't wait for tomorrow so out came the canvas and easel...

It was gone three when she finished sketching, I didn't want to disturb her while she was in creative flow, but I wanted to go out and stretch our legs so we did. 
We went for a walk round the park - half the time we were running round the park but we needed to as it was so chilly and it was so nice to get a bit of exercise too!
Soon we were back home and Naomi asked very gently for more time to paint so she did...

How my girl loves to paint!
Honi also did some painting.  I forgot how much of a calming effect painting has on her.  I think maybe an art session in the evening, if they want to, will be on our things to do over these cold winter evenings!


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to say so. I do love how in home ed you can just let their creative minds flow without stopping! :)

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    1. Thank you Prudence, my girls will love to know that you think so! :D x