Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Muddy adventures...

When I first sat down to write this I had Honi sorting out her dinosaurs into carnivores and herbivores.  There is maths and science involved but to her she's playing and she is.  Playing is the best style when it comes to learning and her little sister Harmonie was picking up so much from it too!  

It is one of my main aims, one of the main reasons I home educate my girls, that they learn in the way that best suits them, that learning is so fun they feel that every day is full of fun and play.  Sometimes I do feel that it's like hosting a children's party everyday of my life but seeing how much they laugh and how much they love to learn and how they have a hunger to learn more.  

It's so important to make learning fun: childhood doesn't last long enough to waste it and after all they will be learning for the rest of their lives just as we all do - so we need to teach them how to make it fun!

Now to tell you all what we've been up to...

Yesterday we hardly sat at the table at all. The girls asked if they could do more on their Ancient Greece project so they got on with their sticker book while I pottered around the house busily getting ready to go out for a day full of adventure!

Harmonie loved the train, her love for counting is growing too.  She seems to count everything at the moment - Honi enjoyed counting all the trains coaches, she was very excited when one train came in pulling 40 coaches she counted!  

All the questions I was asked about nature, animals and what the fog was (what a foggy day it was yesterday) the science of condensation and evaporation and a little on rain.  When taking the girls out, it magnifies to me how much they are learning, how much they are wanting to learn all the time, every second of the day - one just has to listen very carefully.
Children also make you realise just how little you know when they ask so many questions to, I am so pleased that Google exists these days as well as good old fashion books. When they, my lovely girls, ask too many questions I always go and hunt for a good book with all the answers!

When we reached The Museum of East Anglian Life, I wondered if it was such a good idea looking at all the mud and puddles.  The girls had been so desperate to go and see the animals though and I had promised and I always try my very best to keep all my promises so we went and got very, VERY, muddy!

But how they loved playing with their friends and seeing the horses!

Do you see all that mud?  There was so much of it in the wheels of the pushchair I changed from pushing the pushchair to dragging the pushchair and when Harmonie got in too, well!  You could say I got a good work out from all the effort!  
The girls loved it and thought getting messy in the mud was the most wonderful thing EVER!  However, Honi got a hole in her boots and Chiara decided to wear a pair of shoes that were in no way waterproof! So off we went to hunt for shoes in the nearby charity shops as their feet were freezing!

I found a cute pair of trainers for Honi, she is thrilled that she has 2 pairs of trainers now. As for the boots I had to buy for Chiara, I had no choice but to buy a pair that weren't ideal and the lady in the shop was most disturbed by the amount of mud we brought in to her shop and was very rude, but Chiara was happy because the boots had a tiny heel and all she wants to do at the moment is walk around in heels!

Still, it was so lovely to catch up with my friend and have a proper catch up and a yummy cup of coffee afterwards too!

The girls seemed tired out from all the country air as was I.  I was so pleased that Kev had put on the dinner.  Harmonie fell asleep on the walk from the train station in her pushchair and I thought she'd never sleep but they all went to sleep well.  I think we need to go on a few more long walks again.

This morning, as I've mentioned already Honi declared as a dino day! She's been classifying and sorting.  This morning has actually been quite full, although we didn't feel terribly busy.  They did begin with more about Ancient Greece but when Chiara went off for her shower Honi started with her dinosaurs and Harmonie joined in...

I love to see them play so happily so I left them to it. Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing anything for them when they go off like this but they need to play alone or with each other as much as they need time playing with mummy - I have to consciously tell myself this sometimes!
This gave Naomi and I some one on one time with her workbooks.  She was happily busy most of the time not needing my help so, as she was in the kitchen working, I made some cheese scones for lunch...

So that's it so far: busy, happy and learning lots...  I better get back to it as they appear to have finished their lunch.


  1. Love this! Thankyou for taking the time to do these blogs xx

    1. Aw! Thank you so much for saying. It is so lovely to hear that it's enjoyed by others! xx