Friday, 24 January 2014

One reason I'm glad I don't have to do school runs...

I woke up and laid in bed, snuggled up to my very cute and cuddly but snotty-nosed and poorly 3 year old this morning and I couldn't help but think, how blessed we are.  Why?  Because:
  • we don't need to do school runs with poorly siblings.  
  • we never need to worry about forcing poorly children into school against their will or when they are simply struggling and overtired.
  • life doesn't have to go at the speedy pace of modern day life everyday. 

I have memories, from when I was a primary school age, of being sick everywhere and yet forced out of the house to take my sister to school, what else could my mother do after all?  Nothing, if you have chosen to educate your children through school that is.
I think that's why I'm so pleased my children, like adults have the choice to push themselves (on the days they feel they can) and rest when they really need to without interruption.  Like a friend on Facebook said this morning, they actually recover faster because they are able to take it easy when they need toI too am a strong believer of that.

I am grateful that this is all possible because we chose to home educate.

Despite not feeling 100%, when the girls had got up in their own time, about 10am, they were happy to get on with their books this morning.  When they really want to there isn't much I can say to stop them.
I was rather surprised when I hear Honi say: 'do we have to do science today?'  I said no of course not (I mean there isn't a single day that goes past that she doesn't learn something about science).  Hoever, after taking a moment as I was a little perplexed by her exclamation, I asked what she meant; I said how I thought she loved science.  "I do," she replied, "it's just I want to do it in real life (meaning practical science) than in my book."  That made me smile. 

Everything Honi enjoys doing most is when she is learning things she sees has a point to it, real things, or that she is physically taking hold of: if she writes a story it has to be a real book, most of what she writes are letters to her beloved pen pal (she loves him so much it's adorable);  It's the same with maths too, everything real and it is clear after today that she sees it as real work and workbooks as unimportant, she can't see the point yet and why would she? 

She does still do the workbooks, the ones she likes, and the rest of her learning we work kinaesthetically; she loves learning through movement and is great with her hands.  It's obviously a talent she has and she must practice things in this way; I believe that it what will lead her to become who she is made to be, what will fill her life with the most joy! 

So after she finished her English and maths we did do some science!  Strangely, although encouraging, she didn't do it straight away like I thought she would, first she demanded that actually she would do some of her science workbook first and how she enjoyed it!  Perhaps because I didn't push for it?
It was when she decided she had finished that she was up for something more practical. Today that meant more noisy science with the new electronics kit (still being used VERY often!)

Harmonie was really busy today too.  I helped her with her workbooks but she had such a short attention span so we got out some board games instead!  Naomi finished her Van Gogh Sunflower Art project today too.  It is awesome, I forgot to get a photo but it will be on my Facebook Page Tomorrow.
We also visited  the library, the park (hence the photos of nature) and ate some homemade stew too but I am running out of time to write any more so unfortunately, that will  all have to wait until tomorrow...


  1. Thanks for sharing. Very nice idea and we should have a great time table, good time management, some resources etc. so that the children are directed to a proper teaching objective.

  2. I love not doing the school/ pre -school run! Everyone can have happy cuddles and eat breakfast in their pjs, this time last year was awful in comparison, I was working so had to get everyone up dressed and at nursery by 7:30 am. It felt awful to hear my son beg to have breakfast at home and to wake up my sleeping daughter to drag them both out in the cold. Home ed has been the best decision I have made in a long time, the peace and joy it has brought to my family is overwhelming. I love reading your blog and sharing your happy moments, thank you for this insight into your home. x

    1. Thank you Chloe, that was so lovely to read! :) x