Monday, 14 April 2014

A free meal and the Geometry of Eggs

I am exhausted!  A mixture of happy but stressed which has simply shattered me out: we recently got some news that has been very stressful and may well indeed mean that we will have to move house. 
I don't want to move. Why? Because: 
  • I like the area
  • I love the house
  • My girls are happy
  • I love the neighbours
  • I can't stand to think of all the stress that comes with moving.
I do have some very special friends who have been so supportive and kind; I want to thank them all for their kind words and knowing that they care, as it has helped me get through today and made it a little easier to keep the day full of cheer for my four girls.
So (changing subject) what have we been up to since Friday?  We had a very lovely weekend... 
Saturday Naomi went swimming as usual but Chiara has decided not to pursue swimming anymore, she has decided that what she really wants to do is Musical Theatre so...  She starts a new course next week.  Her teacher has performed at the West End so I am very excited indeed to see how she does!
Kev went to football in the afternoon so the girls and I just pottered about a bit but we were all happy.  But then there was SUNDAY...

Sunday we had a plan - our weekend always goes better when we have a plan! 
The girls decided to start it with some Hama beading first...

They loved it so much and soon began to run out of beads so I ordered some more, another 10,000 of them as I found a great deal on line. 

We took them out for lunch.  Do you know Debenhams have a offer in all their restaurants over the Easter Holidays where kids eat free!  We ate out for under a fiver!  It was so nice for the girls as with two very fussy eaters (Honi and Harmonie) we rarely eat out anywhere, that and the expense.
Chiara asked if we could go to the library as she wants to find a book that will teach her how to make an App for her android - she really loved computer programming right now.  They didn't have one at the time, so we are reserving one, she is very excited.
While at the library, Kev read to all four of his girls.  It's something I do a lot with the girls but it was lovely to see them enjoying their Dad.  My Dad didn't do much with me when I was younger it fills my heart with joy when they have special times like that with their Dad.
Today we started with our Easter theme.  Honi sat at the table and said, should I get my books out and to her surprise I said no, I have something else today.  She loved it as it was mask making!
I also made up some Easter Maths, all about geometry, it was so versatile that the younger ones enjoyed bits of it and the eldest got to cover more GCSE/KeyStage 3 level stuff and thought it was fun!  I just love it when that happens!  I will be posting how and what we did tomorrow.
Oh, there is one last thing (while I'm on a waffle) I found an article about 9 ways to parent more peacefully I was quite chuffed with myself that I was familiar with most of the techniques.  The one thing I hadn't yet tried was number 9, the scream louder technique!  I tried the screaming thing today, we endure Honi's rather loud screaming fits nearly every day in our house -  she was so disappointed that I actually wanted her to scream that she stopped, told me to stop it and walked off Ha!  Love it! A technique I will remember in the future that's for sure.

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