Tuesday, 15 April 2014

DIY teepee and a lot of laughs!

The morning started with thoughts on Easter.  The older girls worked on some French with an Easter Theme, making cards for family while the younger two made puzzles with lolly sticks. 

Harmonie enjoyed counting out the lolly and dolloping on the glue.  We had to leave them to dry and that's when our friends came round...

We had arranged a couple of weeks ago with our friends that we should get together and make a teepee and I am so pleased we did!  It was SO much fun to make. 
It was a lot harder and a much longer job than we had expected and as it came together we were in stitches, we thought we were going to have the leaning teepee of Ipswich at one point but I found a way to steady it in the end!

They all went and played out the back and the screams of joy and giggling was wonderful.  Apart from a moment when Harmonie thought she had a bee in her hair.  She freaked poor girl.  How she screamed.  She was soon over it when I offered her a chocolate and hazelnut crepe -  she loves those things.
A lovely day with lovely friends! 


  1. Good friends always make a good day. The teepee looks like lots of fun x

  2. That sounds like alot of fun, Lisa - good for you and the girls x